Digitalisation in Supply Chains


Know where your product was produced and who produced it.



We track a product's journey along the supply chain.



We de-risk supply chains, improve food and product safety while verifying sustainability and circular economy claims.



We tell a product story at the consumer level.

Digitalisation and Sustainability

Transparency and sustainability are more important than ever for businesses and consumers.

Blockchain Technology is being adopted across entire supply-chains to provide businesses with reliable information to communicate to consumers by

  • helping improve data flows
  • bridging information gaps
  • streamlining trade processes

Verifact's technology-led solutions help to manage complex supply-chains and can verify and validate end-to-end product information which promotes food safety and sustainability.

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Benefits of Blockchain
Better Security

Blockchain is a network of computers which operate together to confirm the validity of a proposed 'block' prior to storage. When there is consensus, it is added to the distributed ledger as a new block in the 'chain'. Once the Blockchain transaction is confirmed, it cannot be modified. This makes it impossible to falsify information or hack.

Greater Transparency

Blockchain gives the consumer the full product story from start to finish. This ensures that businesses are held accountable as they have a responsibility at each layer to uphold the company's reputation and in turn guarantees the company's growth into the future.

Improved Traceability

Being open and accountable is paramount to a successful future. We provide full traceability to help join the dots for brand and consumers. This clarity and reassurance enables informed and empowered choices.