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Supply Chain Validation and Telling the Consumer Story

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  • Aldi have a strict sourcing in policy in place in relation to seafood sustainability.
  • While the product labels carry a lot of information for consumers often it is difficult to read and understand and not presented in a user-friendly manner.
  • Verifact have implemented a solution withing the Aldi the seafood supply chain.
  • This blockchain solution provides transparency on the supply chain ensuring produce meets the retailers sourcing criteria thereby protecting their brand.
  • On pack QR Codes read by mobile devices lead consumers to landing pages allowing them to make an informed decision about the products they are purchasing.

Background Context

Demands from retailers and consumers alike are constantly growing in terms of food safety, product provenance and sustainability. While information is captured along the supply chain it is often kept in silos which makes it difficult to verify these product attributes from producer right out to retail shelf.

Blockchain technology provides an opportunity to capture data along all points of the supply chain and verify product claims while providing the retailers with the opportunity to make more informed business decisions.


The Verifact blockchain platform captures data along all parts of the supply chain from primary producers through processing out onto the retail shelves.

The cloud-based solution is "lite" on businesses and data can be captured from diverse systems and through a range of mobile devices. The solution then integrates this data into one secure location providing full supply chain visibility.

Some examples of the type of data captured are the sustainability credentials of the fish stocks, where the fish was originally captured and whether the fishing vessel which caught the fish is contributing to the sustainability of the fish stocks. The system also captures where the fish was processed providing a full picture of the products journey from the ocean through the supply chain. The key information points are presented to consumers through QR Codes on product packs.


Aldi originally trialled the solution on three prod-uct lines and has now expanded the number to ten product lines.

The project has allowed Irish seafood to be differentiated on the basis of :

  • Product Provenance
  • Sustainability

The solution has also allowed the seafood processing companies involved to differentiate themselves on the basis of their plant locations, their own sourcing policies and the quality of the produce they process.

Verifact have expanded to undertake similar projects in the UK and Europe and also to allow the solution to become available in other food categories.

Tuesday 7th June 2022