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Wednesday 27th October 2021

How Sustainability can benefit your business?

How Sustainability can benefit your business 

We all know Sustainability is important for the environment but are you aware of how sustainability benefits your business?  

Besides the various funds your business qualifies for by working on Sustainability Targets, there are multiple benefits to becoming a Sustainable business!  

Unsure what business sustainability actually means? 

Business sustainability is the practice of operating a business that supports the community and economy dependent on a healthy planet. 

A sustainable business earns profits by being socially responsible and protecting our use of the planet’s resources. 


So Why is Sustainability important for your Business?  

Here are 4 main reasons your business should consider Sustainability. 

1. Increase Efficiency  

  • Including Sustainability in a business strategy  
  • Can reduce costs up to 60% 
  • Lower energy consumption and water intake  
  • Increase transparency and trust in the business 

(Statistics taken from studies undergone by Nielsen) 

2. Meet Consumer Demands 

  • 66% of consumers would spend more for a product if it was from a 

Sustainable brand  

  •  88% of consumers have the view that companies should help to improve the environment  

(Statistics taken from studies undergone by Nielsen) 

3. Add Value and Competitive Advantage to your Business 

  • The younger generations, ‘Millennials’ and ‘Generation Z’, are twice as likely to say they are changing habits to reduce environmental impact, than the older Baby Boomer Generation. This demonstrates the need to include Sustainability in a Business Strategy to add value and competitive advantage to the business. 

(Statistics taken from studies undergone by Nielsen) 

4. Better Workforce 

  • Being sustainable can improve the motivation of the existing workforce and attract more skilled employees if they see value in your business.
  • Almost 40% of largest workface generation ‘Millennials’, have said they chosen jobs because of the business’s sustainability and are willing to take a pay cut, to work in a company that is Environmentally Responsible. 

(Statistics taken from studies undergone by Fast Company) 

Ref: Talal Rafi Forbes Councils Member 

If you are considering beginning your sustainability journey, contact Verifact today at  for a free consultation. We can provide you with the relevant information for your business and assist you on the various steps needed to get started!