About Us

Verifact, established in 2009, provides software solutions for product safety and sustainability. Our client base includes producers, processors, manufacturers, retailers and state agencies. Verifact has clients in the food, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, logistics and circular economy sectors. Through the use of traditional and blockchain technologies we are committed to equipping businesses with transparent, reliable information that will assist them on their product safety and sustainability journey.

Here are some Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) we are working towards:

SDG Goal 3

To substantially reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals.

SDG Goal 6

To improve water quality by reducing pollution, eliminating dumping and substantially increasing recycling and safe reuse globally.

SDG Goal 12

To substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse.

Our Mission

Verifact’s goal is to improve product safety and reduce waste using accurate high-quality data.

Our Team
Frank is the founder and CEO of Verifact and is responsible for the company's strategy and development. Under his leadership, Verifact has developed hardware and software products to support sustainability and regulatory standards. Some of the high-profile clients that Frank has led the company to work with include BIM, the European Space Agency and Fisheries Innovation and Sustainability. From being a full-time vessel owner for 22 years to establishing Verifact in 2009, Frank continues to enjoy everything to do with water including fishing, sailing and swimming.

Frank's goal is for Verifact to become synonymous with food and product safety, while being a great place to work.
Eibhlin is the joint CEO of Verifact and is responsible for project and financial management in addition to legal matters within the company. Eibhlin joined Verifact in 2016 and holds a Law degree and a Higher Diploma in Business and Financial Information Systems from UCC. Eibhlin is a qualified lawyer in the jurisdiction of Ireland specialising in Corporate Governance, Data Protection and Intellectual Property which she applies to real world scenarios as part of her role at Verifact. Eibhlin carries out a lot of volunteer work through her membership of the Ballincollig Business Association. Eibhlin is passionate about animal welfare and often brings the company CDO (Chief Dog Officer) Alainn to the office.
Katie is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office, including key account management and facilities management. She previously worked in London and UCC before joining Verifact in 2015. Katie is an avid outdoors woman and volunteers in her local community on a regular basis including helping with the local sailing centre.
Kieran is a web/software developer at Verifact and is responsible for developing cloud-based databases, Blockchain databases, Mobile Applications and interfaces for hardware data. Working with Verifact since 2015, Kieran has a degree in Web development from MTU and a degree in Business Information Systems from UCC. Kieran has a keen interest in TV programmes and movies and regularly attends music events.
Norbert studied web development in MTU before joining Verifact in 2021 as a web developer. Norbert works mainly in front-end development and software testing. He is passionate about creating functional, user-friendly interfaces for Verifact's various software products. Norbert loves hiking with his family and re-watching classic movies with his son. He has a particular fondness for sci-fi and fantasy-themed books, movies, series, and role-playing games.
Ciara joined Verifact in October 2022 taking on the role of FIP Administrator. Ciara's responsibilities span across all 9 of the FIPs including organizing industry meetings, research and scientific engagement, developing and implementing FIP workplans and liaising with FIP stakeholders on social responsibility aspects of fisheries sustainability. Ciara received a Master's degree in Marine Biology from University College Cork and has a background in business and financial technology. In addition to Ciara's FIP responsibilities, she is responsible for the role of Q&A tester. As a Waterford native, Ciara enjoys hiking, spending time by the ocean, travelling the world and a well-made cappuccino.
Mike is a consultant and Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) Co-Ordinator at Verifact providing scientific input and management to FIP activities while developing annual workplans. Mike has over 30 years of experience working in supply chains with a particular emphasis on fisheries and has worked with Verifact since 2018. With a PhD in Fisheries Governance from UCC, Mike also has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wales. All of Mike’s leisure activities are water-based and he likes to relax by paddle boarding, fishing and sea swimming with his family.
Naoise has responsibility for administration and design for Verifact. In addition to her work with Verifact, Naoise has a keen interest in nutrition and regularly advises the team on their lunch choices. Naoise has a keen interest in art and science. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, playing badminton, dancing and listening to music.
Fawzia is a marketing intern at Verifact and is responsible for advertising, promotion, sales proposals, social media accounts and website design. Currently completing a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing at MTU, Fawzia has over 3 years of experience in marketing and business. Fawzia enjoys reading, fashion and loves to travel to London where she previously worked for 3 years.