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This supply chain solution is utilised by retailers, brands, manufacturing and processing companies. This solution can be used in multiple sectors to support, for example, food safety, product safety and renewable energy validation.

Suppliers are easily onboarded to a standalone cloud-based system which delivers tailored reports to the Client dashboard. Data is validated and visualised for individual or multiple suppliers where you can identify risk and make informed business decisions. A suite of report types is available to facilitate ESG reporting as required by the CSRD.

Supplier Compliance System
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Verifact works with clients to develop sustainability and labour policies. These are incorporated into the solution and made available across the businesses’ suppliers who can adopt them. Progress across a group of suppliers and for individual suppliers can be tracked as part of a continuous improvement program in the company. The data is used for environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting and communication to customers by Verifact Clients.

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Asset 360

Asset 360 is used for tracking items such as containers (plastic, steel or timber) throughout the supply chain regardless of whether they are located indoors or outdoors. This solution is used by asset owners and logistics providers to reduce losses in supply chains and underpin circular economy initiatives.

The solution is also used for end-of-life fishing gear (as Net 360), tracking the end-of-life nets through collection, recycling, distribution and out to consumers. The end product carries a QR code which a consumer can scan to learn the history of the materials and its recycling journey.