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Wednesday 25th August 2021

Fisheries Innovation Scotland Partnership

Verifact recently partnered with Fisheries Innovation Scotland to develop a report called a Digitalisation Roadmap for Scottish Fisheries.

The roadmap attempts to identify the key steps which may be taken to maximise the utilisation of appropriate digital technologies to enhance data collection, position the industry proactively and strengthen and protect the Scottish seafood brand.

The overall goal of implementing these digital technologies is for the catching sector to be proactively involved in verifiable collection of the necessary data to answer scientific, sustainability and other management questions.

This will increase access to premium markets and differentiate sustainable products. Processors, retailers, and producers will have more confidence in de-risked, cost-efficient, and transparent supply-chains.

Finally, consumers will be provided with clear communication about Scottish fishery products including verifiable ethical and provenance credentials.

Take a read of the full report below to learn about the series of pilot projects we have devised as steps towards digitalisation for Scottish fisheries.