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Verifact empowers people to make better decisions
by providing transparent, accessible and verified
information. Knowing the full story is our business.

Let us help you join the dots
How it works


We verify the origins of the specific product to validate its authenticity and safety.


We track the product’s journey through multiple processes and handling, ensuring required standards are met along the way.


We stamp the product with our approval once we have validated product claims such as provenance and sustainability.


We provide consumers with a digital experience, where they can track the product’s journey.

One goal

We are an independent verification company with a united goal. We want to equip people with transparent, reliable insights that will assist them in making informed decisions. We believe companies have a duty to their customers; to tell them the full story and to communicate their impact on the world.

The full story

Transparency and integrity are more important than ever. We help brands tell their story and use our expertise to help them achieve the traceability they need. Our technology-led solutions help manage complex supply-chains and can verify and validate end-to-end product information.

Benefit to consumers

Verifact empowers consumers to make informed choices. Information is power, and so the more you know, the more you can contribute to protecting the long-term future of our planet.

Informed choices also lead to supporting employment in sustainable production and processing operations and making better decisions for ourselves and our loved ones.

About us

We are a group of like-minded professionals who share a mission for a more transparent world. We understand the impact products have on the world and are committed to encouraging brands to engage in sustainability projects.

We use our bespoke technology to tell brand stories and to aid consumers in supporting companies that support the planet.

Our values

We work with like-minded companies that share our respect for the planet and communicate in an honest way. We act as a source of independent verification for companies who value the truth.


Knowledge is a powerful thing. We use our deep understanding of complex supply chains and a scientific, evidence-based approach to achieve 100% verification. Knowing the full story is our business.


Being open and accountable is paramount to a successful future. We provide full traceability to help join the dots for brand and consumers. This clarity and reassurance enables informed and empowered choices.


We believe that leveraging the right technology can have a positive impact on both companies and the environment. Our blockchain technology underpins and propels our work while facilitating trust.

Our technology
Helping you join the dots

The Verifact platform utilises innovative, cutting-edge blockchain technology that enables products to come with a digital ‘passport’, detailing their authenticity and origin and providing a record of their journey.

We provide brands with digital provenance experiences for their consumers that are linked to their products through labelling. When a consumer sees our tick of approval on a product they can quickly scan through their mobile device to learn more.

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