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Verifact provides software-based supply chain solutions for:

  • Food safety
  • Product safety
  • Renewable energy
  • Asset Tracking

We also provide solutions to verify sustainability claims,

implement plans and support ESG reporting.

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Digitalisation in Supply Chains


Know where your product was produced and who produced it.



We track a product's journey along the supply chain.



We de-risk supply chains, improve food and product safety while verifying sustainability and circular economy claims.



We tell a product story at the consumer level.

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This solution can be used in multiple sectors to support, for example, food safety, product safety and renewable energy validation.

The benefits include:

  • Protection of the brand.
  • Reducing recalls and product withdrawals.
  • Informing business decisions and vision around suppliers.
  • Saving money and resources.
  • Supporting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.
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Supplier Compliance System

This data privacy compliant online system is made available by businesses to their suppliers to:

  • Register supplier information.
  • Adopt sustainability plans and policies.
  • Adopt labour policies.
  • Monitor progress under continuous improvement programs across suppliers.
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Asset 360

Asset 360 has a wide range of applications to track assets through supply chains, such as,
Returnable Transport Items (RTIs), fishing gears, machinery and livestock to:

  • Deliver circular economy initiatives.
  • Reduce losses in supply chains.
  • Underpin product provenance and sustainability claims.
  • Add value to raw materials.
  • Deliver a trusted consumer facing story through QR codes.
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Our Awards

Cork Emerging Company of the Year Awards 2019

The award is for companies that are innovative and have a unique selling point. Blending cutting-edge technology with two decades of expertise in all parts of the supply chain, Verifact (formerly Verifish) has positioned itself as a frontrunner in championing sustainability, food safety and product safety.

Verifact specialises in digitalisation within supply chains. High quality data is used to underpin business decisions and introduce efficiencies while making our food safer to consume and products safer to use. Verifact assists its clients to identify digitalisation opportunities in their supply chain to deliver these goals while also implementing and reporting on sustainability plans.

The company also works with clients to tell their product stories on products or packaging, for example, relating to provenance and sustainability where this provides value to Verifact clients.

Cork Emerging Company Award 2019
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