Sustainability stories
from start to finish

Verifact empowers consumers to make better sustainability choices through transparent and accessible product information.

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How it Works

Caught / Farmed

This seafood was caught by a vessel that actively participates in a sustainability project or comes from a farm that is independently certified as adhering to responsible production and environmental standards.


The seafood is traceable to a verified processor.


The provenance and sustainability claims on this product have been verified through the Verifact blockchain technology platform.


The consumer can discover and trust the story of the product through the use of mobile technology.

The Benefits to You

Verifact empowers you, the consumer, to make informed choices when purchasing seafood.You can contribute to protecting the long-term future of the marine environment.

By making these informed choices you can support employment in sustainable production and processing operations.

Learning more about the food we eat enables us tomake healthy choices for ourselves and families.

Who We Are

We are a highly focused team with a diverse skillset who are committed to encouraging participation in sustainability and environmental projects.

We use our bespoke technology to tell the product story and assist consumers to choose those products.

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Our Values

We work with like-minded companies that share our respect for the planet and communicate in an honest way. We act as a source of independent verification of companies who value the truth.


Knowledge is a powerful thing. We use our deep understanding of complex supply chains and a scientific, evidence-based approach to achieve 100% verification. Knowing the whole story is our business.


Being open and accountable is paramount to a successful future. We provide full traceability to help us join the dots for producers and consumers. This clarity and reassurance enable informed and empowered choices.


We believe leveraging the right technology can have a positive impact on both companies and the environment. Our blockchain technology underpins our work and propels our work while facilitating trust.

Our Technology
Helping you join the dots

The Verifact platform utilises cutting edge blockchain technology to validate the sustainability claims of any brand.

Consumers wish to know about the products they buy and Verifact brings the story to consumers through the use of mobile technology.

The consumer can learn more about product provenance quickly and make an informed choice.

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