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Tuesday 21st May 2024

Building a Sustainable Future

As part of our ongoing focus on sustainability and the circular economy, Verifact will be attending the CIF Southern Construct Summit this week. This conference will bring together senior sector leaders, policy-makers and other stakeholders. Given the requirements of the recently implemented CSRD, sustainability is certain to be high on everyone's agenda.

The reuse of materials like pallets and stillages in construction has become essential for sustainability. Construction is a major consumer of raw materials and generates significant waste, with construction and demolition waste making up approximately one third of all waste in the EU. By reusing materials, the industry can lessen its environmental impact, reduce the need for new resources, and contribute to a circular economy where materials remain in use longer.

Reusing materials also enhances supply chain efficiency. Pallets and stillages used for transportation and storage can be reused multiple times, reducing procurement needs and mitigating delays. Verifact's online asset tracking platform, Asset 360, enables users to track Returnable Transport Items such as pallets and stillages as they journey through the supply chain.

In the coming years there will be a significant need for professionals to upskill in these sustainability areas in particular in relation to material reuse. Entities such as the Supply Chain Sustainability School, who are based in Ireland and the UK, will play a vital role in supporting these learnings.

If you are attending the conference and would like to connect with us or if you would like further information please contact us.